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8 methods to keep your data up to date

  1. Data cleansing software: This type of software helps you identify and remove outdated or incorrect data from your lists. Removing old data that was not been contacted in years should be verified for delivery before using on any prospecting. Check for mis-spelt items or a mix of different data fields, check data format is consistent throughout your list. Finding duplicate records saves on average 11% of your production costs, this can easily make a list fail on the return of investment “ROI” if not checked prior to using.
  2. Data enrichment tools: These tools allow you to add missing information to your lists, such as job titles or company descriptions. Address verification software is very popular and ideal to update missing postal address details.
  3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems: CRM systems allow you to store and manage customer data in one place, making it easier to keep track of updates and changes. If you are going to use a CRM make sure you invest time, start off correctly recording the details as you go for each prospect. Setting up a CRM will cost you more in time than the money you spend on them. There are many types of CRM so before investing in one, write down what details you want from your data, and how you can use each part of that data. Then you can find the correct CRM that offers you the services you need.
  4. Maintenance: By regularly updating your data and using tools to help keep it accurate, you can ensure that your lead generation efforts are as effective as possible. Never let your data start to decay, we suggest updating monthly, not only is this an easier task but is cost effective than trying to update periodically.
  5. Data append services: These services can help you add missing data to your lists by cross-referencing your information with external databases. This is the most effective way not only with time, money but also provides accuracy when checking against external data sources. We recommend having an expert append data to your lists quite often they can find other errors or inconsistencies that you may not be aware of within your own data sets.
  6. Social media: Many people update their contact information and job titles on social media platforms, so regularly checking these platforms can help you keep your data up to date. Although can be a slow process it can also identify those leads that you have not contacted with in a long while and working this process into your monthly routine will pay dividends.
  7. Customer surveys: Asking your customers for updated information can help ensure that your data is accurate. You can also ask for feedback on your products or services to help improve your marketing efforts. This is a great way to also gather missing or information that may have changed. Offering a prize or discount usually yields better results. For the best quality a telephone survey not only gives confidence that you are connecting with the client/company but also avoids data being left out or incorrectly when you are verifying data verbally compared to written answers.
  8. Manually verifying data: While it can be time-consuming, manually verifying your data by contacting potential customers or checking company websites can help ensure that your information is accurate. Having a human verifying the data also allows for new data not already gained from previous attempts or as your business grows so can the type of data you use or not.

By using these tools and techniques, you can keep your data up to date and improve the effectiveness of your lead generation efforts. By targeting the right customers with the right marketing messages, you can increase your chances of converting leads into paying customers.

Bonus Tip: Remember everyone likes to feel special and appreciated, the more personalization you add to your data lists the better the lead feels that you care, especially when using a first name compared to a title of Mr., Mrs., or Ms. Plus these days with different gender pronouns and identification being established, we recommend addressing your correspondence using only a first and last name.

California, CA

California, CA

Did you know that most websites get flagged as spam or untrustworthy just after they have been published? The reason is that it will have limited or no traffic, the owner cannot be verified, lack of Google searches and search results.

Statute/Bill: CCPA

Laws Signed (To Date): 2018; effective 1 Jan. 2020

California Consumer Privacy Act

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Some common enquiries used to help prove your online identity.

  • Google Search Results
  • Knowledge Panels found in search results
  • Website presence
  • Website reported as spam
  • Social Media presence
  • Search Engine Visibility
  • Reviews or lack of reviews
  • Online Reputation
  • Branding and Marketing messaging
  • Your online identity

A Fact You Wouldn't Believe

Did you know that most websites get flagged as spam or untrustworthy just after they have been published? The reason is that it will have limited or no traffic, the owner cannot be verified, lack of Google searches and search results.


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